Late Late Breakfast is a fast-paced, energetic stand- up comedy show hosted by Tyler Jackson & Danny Maupin in Los Angeles, and Meredith Kachel and Audrey Jonas in Chicago. Each show features top comedians delivering their polished material while going up against a bevy of unique games and challenges designed to keep both them and the audience on their toes, providing an experience that canʼt be missed. Pie fights, laser tag, polygraph tests- you never know! Expect anything and everything out of the ordinary, all of it held together by solid, hilarious standup comedy.

Late Late Breakfast is every first Saturday at the Hideout in Chicago at 3pm, and is touring America with Danny and Tyler!

Our show has been featured on TBS's New York Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, TruTV's High Plains Comedy Festival, The Comedy Exposition, Orlando Indie Comedy Fest, and many more!



Featured as one of the best comedy shows in America 2018 - The Interrobang 5.31.18

Featured as a highlight show at The Onion Comedy Festival - Chicago Tribune 5.30.18

"If this isn’t entertainment, we don’t know what is." -- 303 Magazine 8.28.17

Featured as one of the best comedy shows in America 2016 -- The Interrobang 6.01.16

"There's something very special going down in Chicago. Every month for the past three years, Tyler Jackson and Danny Maupin have been putting on Late Late Breakfast, a standup comedy show like no other." -- The Daily Dot 3.31.16

Featured as a top concept comedy show in New York City -- The Interrobang 2.18.16

"[Late Late Breakfast has] gathered so much momentum in the last few months that I'd guess 2016 is going to be the year of breakfast comedy." -- Chicago Reader 12.23.15

"Late Late Breakfast [is] just such an incredible concept for a show, and the masterminds behind it are...brilliant. Just brilliant. It's weird and chaotic and fun and silly and smart and everything standup comedy lacks." -- Brightest Young Things: 2015 Comedy Favorites 12.9.15

Featured as one of the best experimental comedy shows in Chicago -- TimeOut 3.25.15

"Late Late Breakfast is one hell of a ride and a great insane show." -- Eddie Pepitone 2015

"The chaos can't help but be entertaining" -- Chicago Reader 4.8.14

"The Late Late Breakfast is a find. It's the rare open mic that general audiences and comedians alike can all rally around. It's a raucous afternoon of high-energy mischief presented with an insiders wink by creators Danny Maupin and Tyler Jackson." -- Chicago Tribune 11.17.14

"Every time I've gone, it's been the best afternoon of my month." -- Brightest Young Things 9.24.14